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2012 General Election Review: A Colorado Success Story


[I]n Colorado, efforts to increase military and overseas voter turnout were a  huge success in 2012. Compared to 2008, Colorado issued 19.4% more ballots to military and overseas voters and witnessed a 65% increase in the number of ballots returned. In the 2008 election, military and overseas voters returned 69.6% of ballots mailed and
73.5% were counted. In 2012, military and overseas voters returned 93.6% of ballots and 97.8% were counted.

According to Eric Eversole, the Executive Director of the MVP Project, “The efforts taken by the Colorado Secretary of State played a significant role in increasing military and overseas voter participation. The online systems and extended deadlines made it easier to request and receive absentee ballots–even if those requests came weeks before the election. Colorado’s success was truly extraordinary given the decrease witnessed by many states in 2012.”

The Secretary of State launched several programs that helped account for this big increase.

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